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Subject to a more specific written agreement, all the terms currently listed apply to all products and to all buyers - customers and any transaction involving purchases from the online store, falls under the terms listed below and are clearly stated in our online store.

Our company is fully adapted to the GDPR framework and the processing of personal data is done in accordance with the provisions of the General Regulation of Personal Data Protection (GKPD 2016/679), as well as for the protection of personal data and privacy in the field of electronics. communications (Law 3471/2006) and the decisions of the Personal Data Protection Authority (APDPX).

CONTENT CHANGE reserves the right to change, at any time and without notice, the content of the website. The control of the information provided for each product and the suitability of the items ordered, is the sole responsibility of the customer who uses the Website (hereinafter: the Customer). In case of incompatibility of the products ordered by the Customer with other products that he may want to connect, does not bear any responsibility.

The Customer states that all the information provided by him during the use of the Website is accurate in order to execute his order from and that he undertakes not to use this account maliciously. In the latter case undertakes to cover any loss of or partner companies from the use of this Website and the Customer's account by persons not authorized by the Customer.

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY does not bear any responsibility for direct or indirect, positive or negative damage, which may result from the inability to use the Website as well as from any errors, interruptions, defects or delays in the operation of the Website or the transmission of information through it to Internet.

The company is not responsible for any technical, typographical or spelling errors in the prices or features of the products.

In case a product has an unusually low price, without any special indication justifying it, please contact us before ordering the product.

The use of the Website is the sole responsibility of the visitor-customer. We are not responsible for the malicious intervention of third parties.

The visitors of the Website undertake that they will not harm third parties by malicious use of the Website and that they will not violate their personal data.

All products are determined in terms of weight, colors, accessories and technical characteristics by the respective Construction Company. Product photos are sample and the color of the final product may differ.

The order is made by the Sales Department of, which is responsible for the distribution and shipment of products.

The buyer must be informed about the technical characteristics of the products he orders. Any information on our part, regarding technical or other information, is made with every reservation.

Orders are shipped, as long as the product is available, on the same day and delivery depends on the Kilometer distance, or the mediation of weekends or holidays.

The consumer has the right to withdraw within fifteen (15) calendar days, if no longer deadline has been agreed, but returning the goods in their excellent original condition and packaging, without incurring any costs other than return costs.

In case of non-execution of the order as agreed, the customer has every right to cancel it.

In case the product is no longer available and can not be delivered within a reasonable time, the sales department of informs the customer and cancels the order after written (e-mail) or telephone information or suggests the ideal alternative.

The prices of all products are clearly and close to each product and include VAT.

The goods travel under the responsibility of the customer.

For transports that have been delayed by external factors (such as strikes, road closures, extreme weather events, etc.) our store does not bear any responsibility.

Once the goods are inspected and received by the buyer, the store is released from any further liability.

Issues of guarantee of goods and any return for any reason, are determined by the current provisions of Greek Law and the provisions of Directives of the European Union. must deliver all goods in excellent condition. If a product is not in good condition, it automatically gives the buyer the right to cancel its receipt or return it.

Returns of products that do not present a problem are charged to the buyer (such as shipping, handling or inspection costs).

Until the final payment of the goods, they remain the property of

The appropriate and acceptable payment methods are the following:

ATTENTION: ALL transactions over 500 euros (including VAT) will be made through the banking system, ie by deposit in a bank account or by credit / debit card. Bank charges are borne entirely by the buyer.

Using a credit / debit card

With online transaction, to send the order to your place. Upon receipt of your order, your physical presence and identification of your details through your police ID is required.
Deposit in our following Bank Account.

The name of the beneficiary that will appear is SOFIA NIKOU,

To pay for your order by depositing in a bank account, select the following bank account. In the reason for deposit you must fill in your Name and the number of your order:

Shipping time starts from the date of confirmation of the deposit.

IBAN: GR6201712120006212137868724
IBAN: GR7802603450000180200374431

* Enter in the reason of the bank deposit your Name and your Order Number.

Recognizing the utmost importance of personal data protection and transaction security, we use the most advanced methods to ensure speed and reliability, while providing you with high quality services in any case. undertakes that all personal data submitted to it (Name, Address, Telephones, Email Address, etc.), are registered (with access) by authorized employees, strictly and only when required, such as for processing. of the orders, while they are not managed, notified to third parties and are not used for other purposes (eg advertising). Cases of decisions of prosecutors, courts or other public authorities are excluded from this.

Payments by credit / debit card are made with absolute security, as you can submit your data and security codes through Piraeus Bank, which is a pioneer in adopting new card security standards in card payments, protecting traders and minimizing the possibility of malicious transactions. exploits sophisticated detection and fraud prevention systems in card payments.

This way you have the certainty that your card details are not submitted to us but directly to the Bank, therefore they will not be intercepted in any case.

Note: For your own safety we advise you that when you connect to the Bank page or when starting a Credit / Debit Card transaction, make sure that the connection that appears in your browser starts with https: // ... ..... and not http: //.

Any transaction through Cards, indicates the prior complete understanding of the terms of use and operation of the system. For more information about the security of your transactions or if you have any doubts, please, before submitting your transaction, contact us directly via e-mail, asking us relevant questions (you can also contact the Bank's Customer Service Department ). It is possible to pay by credit, debit and prepaid cards.

ATTENTION: There is no extra charge for using Credit and Debit Cards. If the submission of your credit / debit card details is done via computer (remotely) and not with your physical presence in our branch, there may be a relative delay by the Bank until the completion of the approval, consequently the shipment will be delayed accordingly. of goods to you. In the meantime, although the money will have already been frozen from your account, in no case will it have been frozen by us or for our benefit but by the Bank itself (until the completion or termination of the transaction).

RESERVATIONS can not be blamed, for any damage can be caused by products that it distributes and markets and which are covered by European safety rules. The respective manufacturer must inform in the enclosed instructions, on the correct way of use and the precautions of his products.

For any transaction made with, the Legislation of Greece applies and it is agreed that the competent authorities for the resolution of disputes are the Court of Thessaloniki.

Product photos are sample and the color of the final product may differ. Returns or product replacements (eg due to color) are accepted only after consultation and as long as the product has not been opened or used.

Non-refundable products:
For hygiene reasons the following products are not returned (unless they are defective):
a) Underwear
b) Swimsuit

Products must be returned:
(a) unused, in their original packaging - box and cellophane - and in excellent condition
b) with all labels up
(c) in exactly the same condition in which they were received, intact, sealed and without any damage

A necessary condition for the return of products is that you have in your possession the relevant purchase document that proves the transaction (eg, Retail Receipt or Sales Invoice).

The cost of the Shipping, of all the products returned to the Company, is borne by the buyer. reserves the right not to accept product returns when it deems that there are special reasons.

By confirming each order electronically, it is understood that all terms are fully understood and unreservedly accepted. Any questions, clarifications or unclear understandings of the shipping, payment and warranty terms currently mentioned should be clarified by the buyer, requesting additional details in writing. In case of any dispute, the recipient is obliged to notify it in writing to, within 48 hours of receipt, indicating the notification by registered letter or to submit it electronically requesting proof of receipt. In this case, the customer is obliged to return immediately, intact all the goods and explicitly reserves the right to withdraw from this sale at a loss. is committed in any case, that it will do its best to ensure you a reliable and advantageous purchase in every respect.

The store has a physical and online presence.

• Dimarchias 13 (Dim. Vlachou), Naoussa
T.K. 59200

If you do not agree with the above terms please do not open the package in case you have received it via Courier and return it to us to give you your money back otherwise the above applies.

Sending your order means full acceptance of the Trading Terms.

For any question or clarification contact at or by phone at 2332022838. Contact hours Monday and Wednesday 09: 00-14: 00, Tuesday Thursday and Friday 09:00 - 13:30 and 17:30 - 21:00 and Saturday 09:00 - 14:00.