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Free Shipping for orders over 59 €

Shipping cost

• The shipping cost for orders under 59 euros is 3 euros.
• Shipping costs are FREE for orders over 59 euros.

Product Preparation & Shipping Time
The time we need to start shipping our products is set from 1 to 24 hours from the submission of the order (except Sunday). The standard delivery time of the products is 1-3 working days and is defined from the day of the start of the shipment.
For transports that have been delayed by external factors (such as strikes, road closures, extreme weather events, etc.) our store does not bear any responsibility.

The available shipping methods are:
• Shipping via Speedex
• Collection from the store which is free
In case of special conditions and force majeure (strikes, natural disasters, holidays, etc.) OwlAboutKids is not responsible for any delay in delivery of the product.

Order Processing
Orders are processed, products are collected and shipments are made daily (Monday to Saturday) during business hours. Deliveries are not made on public holidays, on days when our warehouse is closed due to the annual inventory.

Delivery time indications and availability
Please note that before proceeding with the completion of your order, you will find an indication of availability in each product. The time indicated is indicative and not binding. It is clarified that the final confirmation of availability is made during the processing of the order and the collection of the products in the distribution center, where the shipment of your order to as many products as the availability is confirmed is finalized and planned. If the products are not available OwlAboutKids reserves the right not to accept this order and to reject this sale. In this case he will inform and return the full price of the canceled order. Orders are processed daily, during working days and hours.

Information in cases of unavailable products
For orders with products that are not immediately available, but upon order, we will contact you to inform you of the estimated delivery time of the products. The update is usually made within the next two working days from the date of the order to the contact details you filled in your order.

Our cooperation with Courier companies
In case you want clarifications on shipping issues, your order has been delayed or for any other reason, please contact us at the company phone (2332022838) or by email at

Store Operation
The store has a physical and online presence.
• Dimarchias 13 (Dim. Vlachou) Naoussa Imathias, PC 59200
If you do not agree with the above terms please do not open the package in case you have received it via Courier and return it to us to give you your money back otherwise the above applies.
Sending your order means full acceptance of the Trading Terms.
For any question or clarification contact the OwlAboutKids team at or by phone at 2332022838 Contact hours Monday-Wednesday-Saturday 09:00 - 14:00 and Tuesday-Thursday-Friday 09:00 - 13:30 and 17 : 30-21: 00.
Thank you for your trust
The OwlAboutKids team